Are you Looking for a Fresh Voice That is Entertaining and Uplifting yet Powerful Enough to Move Your Audience to Action?


Do you Want a Speaker who Connects With Your Audience

on a Personal Level With a Tailored Message for Your Next Event?

And Would you Like to Create an

 Unforgettable Experience for Your Attendees?

Joy is an experienced motivational speaker who has been engaging the masses since she was a young girl, from her performance at the World Famous Apollo Theater at the age of 13 to her inspirational talk show, The Joy Sutton Show, which reaches thousands of people every year. And she is more than just a keynote speaker, she is also a dynamic host and facilitator who can make any event an unforgettable experience.

Joy has a way of touching people that inspires them to tap into their dreams and desires  and to experience a divine connection with themselves. She lives by her motto: A Dream Never Dies Unless You Let It. She has a deep conviction that you should never give up on your goals and dreams because you have the internal power and potential to achieve them.

Whether Joy is speaking to a small group or several hundred, her heartfelt words of wisdom will resonate with the soul and awaken the potential within you. After listening to Joy, you can no longer sit on the sidelines of life and hope things turn out for the best. You will be inspired to get on the path to living your best life.

Don’t force your audience to sit through another unengaging, run of the mill speaker. Let Joy transform your event into one that will be remembered for years to come.

"We hired Joy because of her vibrant personality and people skills. She met our expectations and then some. She has a lot of energy and is pleasant, joyful and fun!' (Charnika Elliott,  Chair, New Life Christian Fellowship Pageant)



“We had never seen such a line of people to wait to talk to one of our speakers!"

(Elaine Powell, Chair, New River Community College Black History Committee)

"Joy’s value proposition as a speaker is what I would call her 'polished authenticity'.  She has the ability to sip tea with the First Lady and pick collards with your grandmother. " (J.M., Business Executive, Fortune 500 Company)

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